My classmates and I had our first neuroscience test this morning. My writing this post signifies that it is over and test study mode does not begin again until the second neuroscience test at the end of March.
That said, as I was catching up on my blog feed and other daily life things that I put off in favor of stressing and memorizing/promptly forgetting, I ran across this post in the ACP Internist, which is a re-blog of this post from Musings of a Distractible Mind, a blog by a (seemingly prolific) blogging primary care physician.
If you don't want to click the links, they feature an allegory for the current healthcare debate. It essentially raises the following question:
Why are the only choices we have a single-payer (gubmint) system and a (supposedly) free market (private) system?
Neither choice solves the real problem. The cost of our country's collective healthcare tab and the quality of the product it receives is incongruous. And, while I neither see doctors' paychecks not receive one myself (yet ), I am pretty sure that it is not the doctors' paychecks that are adding up to the umpteens of billions of dollars that go to healthcare in the country.
What can we, as individuals, do about it?  This is a topic for another post.

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