Figure 1: Inspired by a graph in this article, showing that the % of fatties in the US has increased while the % of energy consumed in fat has decreased, where there was no upward or downward trend before government recommendation and popular opinion was to decrease fat intake.

As I was skimming the JAMA from a couple of weeks ago, I found this article that addresses the idea of government recommendations regarding diet and their impact on public "health." The gist is that (surprise, surprise) many government recommendations with respect to how to eat and exercise are not based on sound evidence and therefore are misguided and misleading for the public. The authors caution public health agencies to think twice about regulating salt content of prepared foods and lowering dietary sodium recommendations.
Then, I ADD-style pulled up one of the references in the paper because I saw it is about fat, my favorite food group (more to come soon about my nutritional habits). This paper is a critique of the dietary fat reduction recommendations by the USDA and USDHHS in the '80s that is based on bad or little evidence that lowering fat is beneficial or at the very least not harmful. It features the original version of Figure 1 above. Check it out yourself for an interesting read.

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