I strive for consistency with this space and  I am trying to post daily.

As such, some of my posts will be themeless or mediocre or both.  Hopefully, they will amuse you at least a little bit.

Why I skipped class today

Today, I went quail hunting with my grandpa here in South Florida.  Between the two of us, we bagged 26.  Not bad, I'd say, for a newb and a hard-of-sight octogenarian.

Moms and HHGG Connection

Q:  What are mothers for?
A:  Sending you and your siblings links like this.

In case you don't want to click the link, it features weather.com public service infonouncement on what to do should your vehicle suffer tire blowout.

The best suggestion from the whole piece is: Do not panic.

I addend the piece with:  Always know where your towel is.

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