Or so a recent paper indicates.

Blog Neuroskeptic posts on a recent paper that features the case of a 20-something guy with a genetic deficiency of a certain enzyme that doesn't allow him to make a bunch of chemicals necessary for 'normal' brain function.  One such of these chemicals is serotonin, whose action is controlled by many anti-depressants.

Since my med school class an I are studying some neuroscience and it psychiatric aspects, this finding is quite intriguing.  I was not able to pull up the original article for which the post is based, but will when I go to school tomorrow and can (ab)use my academic primary source privileges.

Also, I haven't fully investigated the blog from whence this post comes, but I am adding it to my feed, if not only for the remainder of neuroscience class.  Looks like a good read.  And, I always appreciate a dose of skepticism.

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