I posted yesterday about how I am going to concertedly make some life changes in the near future and concurrently be mindful of the how and why of the process.
In my post, I mentioned Zen Habits but did not mention that author's corollary project, 6 Changes. 6 Changes showcases a common-sense approach to changing/making/breaking habits.
The method includes identifying six (only six, no more, no less) habits to acquire or de-ingrain in a year's time, with a few steps to follow to acquire/un-acquire the habit.
As a professional student, I am staring down the barrel of my professional life. Since my professional life implies much physical contact and close interaction with near strangers, I am resolved to stop biting my fingernails, a nasty and unhygienic habit I have had for literally as long as I can remember.
This post serves as my 'very public' commitment (step 3; even though my readership is probably zero at this point). While I am already started on gaining the anti-habit, I officially start Tuesday morning.
Now that the cat is out of the bag, I will post my progress here intermittently. Thanks for the help, interwebz.

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